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    • JonasSlave

      Morto que o APESHIT tá há 4 dias no YT e ainda só tem 24M de views... KKK flop
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    • Criminal

      100 #1's, galera
      Thank you. This is all very surreal to me because honestly, it seems like not so long ago I was a newcomer in Rebellion with a crime strategy and a lot of determination and just really the desire to see my ideias out there. I didn't know about days won or what you have to sell to get them. I mean, I didn't even know about the Leaderboard charts! Sorry but I didn't know! Then it all happened so fast and it's like my life became public. I lived in the professional's mailboxes, writing and faking ID's.
      That's how I made so many crimes in so little time, pretty much having no life, but I'd like to thank The Carters for inspiring me and thank @Fabian and all my Rebellion Records family for so much support. 
      And I'd like to thank all the amazingly dedicated crime people around the world and obviously, obviously I have to thank @alexjspears for his support, specifically during the beginning of my career. And I have to thank everyone at Deserto for their unparallel dedication. I've been traveling around the world, right, you know promoting "Criminal (Remixes)", my new album, and it's kind of like my message of hope for the new millenium, and it's been so moving to see so many devoted fans in continents where we don't even speak the same language, where people are singing back the lyrics to me that I wrote and that means so much to me because I put all of myself into my crime, so as an ID faker and trickster, I thank you. 
      And I am so grateful to God, to have overcome so many obstacles, as a multicriminal person with a very disfunctional history, until recently! I am not Cinderella, my life has not been a fairytale! Forget the image, forget the guns, forget the giant texts, forget the death threats, e-mails, whatever! I owe this to the members and I will never forget you so I want to accept this award on behalf of all of you. We've come a long way and I feel like I'm just getting started because as a criminal, and more importantly as a person, I am genuinely happy and finally, finally free to be who I really am. Thank you. 

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    • BARY 
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