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  1. Lista completa: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/list/8512744/greatest-pop-star-tweets-of-all-time Britney ficou em #2: Tweet Type: Free Verse Quick Context: In 2012, the majority of the world was aware that climate change was real -- and real dangerous; and with Gaga riding high off the previous year's Born This Way album, most pop fans were on the Germanotta train. But this Britney non sequitur, a stream of consciousness combination of two disparate concerns with a wild variance in global import, forced us to view both in the same light. In short, it's Twitter poetry. Most Brilliant Bit: With her forward-facing public image being one of sweet, welcoming naivete, one imagines Britney asking, "Does anyone think global warming is a good thing?" not as a brutal, ironic putdown to the conservative chorus ignoring the entire scientific community, but as a friendly and presumption-free conversation opener to her fans on Twitter.
  2. Seria ótimo se fosse single mesmo. Qualquer música do Glory, com excessão de What You Need, dava pra ser trabalhada. Porém Change Your Mind combinaria mais na época.
  3. ñ conheço tbm, mas espero q ajude nos streams da original
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