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Garoto Fatal

[COBERTURA] "Britney Spears: Piece of Me Tour", Berlim (06/08/2018)

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to bem, sonhando com um primeiro bloco todo com o cabelo solto :b: e vc? 

To bem, comecei jejum intermitente da semana 

Ficar até 20h sem comer

Dedinho na guela cada dia mais linda cada dia mais bela

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Comentários construtivos que a Britney poderia ler:

I was in the crowd at Brighton, it was fun! The show looked great, she looked great.

Obviously there were a lot of comments about the fact that she didn't sing a note. Also there was 0 audience banter. She spoke to the crowd twice for a few seconds. She made no reference to Brighton, no reference to Pride, all the routines and dancing were based on male/female pairings.

It was like they opened the box, shoved her out of it to do her thing, and shoved her back in the box again. It was actually quite bizarre; I've never seen a concert where the artist make no connection to the audience whatsoever. But at least most of the crowd were too drunk to remember/care, and I'm glad I can tick Britney off my list.

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