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  1. 95 Britney Spears, “How I Roll” Left for dead in the late ‘00s, Spears bounced back in 2011 with Femme Fatale, her best album, filled with intricately fizzy tracks concocted with the assistance of Sweden’s finest technicians. “How I Roll” had it all: a bloopy bubble-pop groove, creepy heavy breathing, double-time “Iko Iko” handclap jive, random wintry piano notes, sexy Cylon backing vocals, a late-breaking organ that seemed pasted in from an old ? and the Mysterians song and much much more. Most hearteningly, there was Spears’ coolly, resiliently imploring, “I wanna go downtown where my posse’s at/I got nine lives like a kitty cat.” It was the purr of a fighter.–J.D. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/the-100-best-songs-of-the-2010s-917532/britney-spears-how-i-roll-917640/
  2. Morto que fez mais de 70 milhões de streams em novembro Espero que 2019 ultrapasse os 500kk de 2018
  3. O mais estranho é que tipo, já tinha tudo upado lá desde 2017 Acordei recebendo notificação de Body Ache kkkkk
  4. Vocês perceberam que desde o post sobre o hiatus ela tá escrevendo uns textinhos em praticamente tudo? Tô amando
  5. 39 Britney Spears Blackout (2007) Made amid her most troubled phase, Blackout defied the odds to become a diamond pressed from trash. The production is all sleazy, buzzing electro, and Britney’s melodies have the twisted naivety of nursery rhymes. The two big singles are genius: Piece of Me bats back tabloid gossip with a sonic golf club, and Gimme More is her best-ever song, an erotic psychodrama where the purring come-ons of the title also sound like a woman drowning under her ambition. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/sep/13/100-best-albums-of-the-21st-century
  6. Entendo, amigo. Também gostamos muito de você, mas não vale a pena você estar lá sendo que não se sente bem. Boa viagem pra você e muita boa sorte nessa sua nova fase da sua vida. ❤️
  7. Ele fez um remix pra música, que fofo kkk https://mobile.twitter.com/giorgiomoroder/status/1150017112016117760
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