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  1. young girl, it's alright, your tears will dry, you'll soon be free to fly ♫

    1. lipa


      minha fav <3 lindo

    2. digo


      amo! quero novo live

  2. everythere i turn, i see your face reminding me of a higher place ♥

  3. i wanna believe in everything that you say cause it sounds so good

  4. i should be over all the butterflies but after all this time i'm still into you, @Blackout

  5. i should be over all the butterflies but i'm still into you, @Blackout

  6. be careful of what you do

  7. dia do professor <3

    1. maik


      Parabens para nós!

  8. they don't know about the things we do

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    2. vitor


      but i bet you if they only kneww they would just be jealous of uss

    3. yuri


      they dont know I've waited all my life just to find a love that feels this right

    4. Fabian


      baby they don't know about, they don't know about us

  9. o tempo passou e eu sofri calado

  10. 815 membros online :sos:

    1. Niall


      no aguardo dos mil

  11. when did you last let your heart decide?

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