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  1. 60FPS VHS rip Source: Lexa1988-L1 - Britney-Online.net Lucky + Oops!… I Did It Again @ Long Island, NY (MTV All Access 2000) Size: 464.8 MB Format: MP4 HD 1080P 60FPS Download MTV All Access 2000 Size: 1.37 GB Format: MPG 480P Download
  2. The versions posted years ago were fanmade. Some people say these are too, I really doubt it, but if you compare these with your version or any other available on the Internet, these 2 are clean when you hear the explicit phrases, unlike the fanmade versions which sounded weird even in lossless format (you could hear were the they were pasting the phrase or hear traces from the demo below the track).
  3. exactly, both "crazy as a mothrf*cker" and "sh*t might freak you out" were censored on the album version. The first line was from Britney and the bg vocals, the second one just by the bg vocalists.
  4. Finally, the real deal! You can check Britney's new vocals on "f*ckery" during Hot as Ice Source: Queenreba Hot as Ice [Explicit] Size: 7.5 MB Format: MP3 Download Get Naked (I Got a Plan) [Explicit] Size: 10.9 MB Format: MP3 Download EXTRA:
  5. In celebration of the comeback of brunetteney
  6. 3 new performances in HQ. Enjoy! Source: Iverson - Karolane & Britney-Online.net (partnership) Boys @ NBA All-Star Read To Achieve 2002 Size: 203.6 MB Format: MPG 480P Download Overprotected @ Saturday Show Size: 162.7 MB Format: M2V 576P Download Oops!… I Did It Again @ Viva Interaktiv Size: 125.3 MB Format: MPG 576P Download
  7. From MTV's "VMAs Best of Britney" (HD 1080P MTV Web Rip). Enjoy! Source: Karolane - Britney-Online.net (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction + Oops!… I Did It Again @ MTV Video Music Awards 2000 Size: 609 MB Format: MP4 HD 1080P Download
  8. It was posted on Facebook too, without cropping. Here are both rips: Like A Virgin + Hollywood @ MTV Video Music Awards 2003 [Digital Version 2] Size: 70.8 MB Format: MP4 474P Download Like A Virgin + Hollywood @ MTV Video Music Awards 2003 [Version 2] Size: 192.5 MB Format: MP4 HD 1080P Download
  9. I think the point was to get her exposure on that specific area, since those awards are targeted for teens and kids.
  10. Exclusive Not a Girl performance in HQ + Overprotected DVD rip I’m Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman @ RTL Euro Disney Size: 127.5 MB Format: MPG 576P Download Overprotected @ RTL Euro Disney Size: 236.2 MB Format: MPG 576P Download
  11. Finally in HD! Kung Fu Panda Skit @ Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2011 Size: 84.6 MB Format: MP4 HD 1080P Download
  12. it's because the vocals were extracted from the pro tools of the final mix, so this is not exactly the full producer's demo, but a compilation of Robyn's vocals on the final mix of the track + some bits of the actual mix with Britney's vocals this does not mean this is fake of course, because Robyn didn't record her vocals again, so the vocals used on the final mix come directly from the producer's demo
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