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  1. true, but those 2 videos posted are from the smukfest
  2. I'm not sure how much of the rough cut is available, but both files are different videos. The first one was a teaser (like the Hold It Against Me teaser) while the second one is the actual video but rough (not edited properly, fx not added). Both are not supposed to be connected at all. Do you have any link of that fan?
  3. Both HQ screen captures are on fans' hands for more than a year now. Wether they'll leak or not, IDK. By screen captures I mean the 2 files that leaked in LQ, but in HQ, the first one being a teaser and the second one being the rough cut (which is actually longer than the leaked file, not sure if full).
  4. Yeah, I have the same one, it's the rip from Instagram. Hopefully it leaks in HD.
  5. I'll try, but I can't promise anything. It should be out by now and I never thought we would see this version.
  6. No need of photoshop 2016 vs 2018