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  1. Pedaços unreleased de Britney no set do comercial da Pepsi Now and Then (seção Doo-Wop) Source: @itzjakebitch Pepsi Now and Then (Doo-Wop On Set) Size: 2.47 MB Format: MP4 640P Download
  2. Acho que isso funciona para você, mas essas versões não foram reproduzidas tanto em rádios durante esse período...
  3. Edições antigas do single "Lucky", feitas sem a introdução falada em diferentes versões. Estes foram enviados para estações de rádio em 2000. Source: James Mercuri Lucky (2 Bar Intro) Size: 3.2 MB Format: MP3 Download Lucky (4 Bar Intro) Size: 3.2 MB Format: MP3 Download
  4. Um novo VHS rip deste bootleg bem conhecido, desta vez no HQ! Mall Tour @ Markville Mall (Markham, Ontario Full Bootleg) Size: 1.19 GB Format: MP4 HD 1080P Download
  5. More than one pro shot from the Circus Tour exists, the one from NYC being the one that's more likely to be sold one day. The preview is actually from a reel. Yes, more than one. The full Lisbon show is up for sale in HDTV. Don't know the source though. The first video is from the press. The second one exists in full, it was used for the Teen Choice Awards promo commercial too.
  6. Fancam + pro shot clip! Source: Britney-Online.net Britney Spears @ Kiss Concert 20 The Big One (Full Kiss 108 FM Bootleg + Pro Shot Clip) Size: 353.8 MB Format: MP4 HD 1080P Download
  7. The pretty fans history is not from a secret show that didn't air, but for the MTV For the Record's Countdown. Several fans backed up the claimings that the "pretty people" were put at the front lines, while the rest was behind them. They also described that Britney was really nervous and even had a break in between recordings to get it all done. The footage was almost non existent because Britney's anxiety would show through it, so they had to edit it out a lot and even added some "yeahs" from Britney in between videos to make it seem like she was interacting a lot more than what she did. That show that you're talking about didn't exist and the rehearsals she did with Andre (the ones from the Circus Deluxe DVD and For The Record) were supposed to be used during the promo tour (Womanizer/Circus), but were cut. After that, the choreos were considered for the tour, until Andre and Wade got fired and the choreos they prepared went with them. Also, Kill The Lights was done when Jamie King stepped in, but didn't make it to the first drafts of the setlist.
  8. Even the Baby One More Time Tour has more chances to leak than the Circus Tour, but that could change
  9. This angle 2 fancam was posted several months ago, but I forgot to add it here! Source: Karolane - Britney-Online.net The Onyx Hotel @ Milan, Italy (Angle 2 All Performances Bootleg) Size: 5.83 GB Format: MP4 HD 1080P 60FPS Download
  10. I think he wanted to trade that one. That bootleg and Hamilton are too damn rare, hopefully they leak one day...
  11. Hopefully! Little to non, unless the user that posted them decides to do it (both snippets come from him). Youre welcome!
  12. The full show exists... Up until now, 2 clips have leaked Lucky @ Albuquerque (Pro Shot Clip) Size: 21.1 MB Format: MP4 HD 1080P 60FPS Download Oops!... I Did It Again @ Albuquerque (Pro Shot Clip) Size: 2.82 MB Format: FLV 280P Download
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