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  1. Gente o que a Britney fala na intro de Vegas em francês?

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    2. MAD


      Antigos espiritos do Mal , transformem essa forma linda e poderosa na Fenix do POP !

    3. Holly


      Caçei o tpc lá no exhale pq n falo francês hahaha

      Tô mais "WTF" agora:

      The speed of light that reveals the sound, resonates in the ear.

      Where is it ? From whom should we be afraid of?

      The desperates divulge their secrets, the virtuous draw their swords.

      Shattered mirror, received among the lords.

      There are more than what we see than what is seen.

      A bloody miracle will be restored by the blinded.

    4. Holly


      Britney, tu tá metida com revelação do apocalipse molier? kkkk q q isso gnt?

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