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BOMBA! Advogado de Britney revoga sua posição de co-conservador, e deixa somente pai de cantora com sua conservadoria

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Aí em Abril a equipe vê que o pai não tem condições de segurar tudo isso sozinho e resolve cancelar a conservadoria e deixar a Brit dona dela mesma. Aí em Agosto sai o B10 COM EQUIPE NOVA, GRAVADORA NOVA, EMPRESÁRIO NOVO E 6 SINGLES TOP10 PRA ANTECEDER A DOMINAÇÃO QUE ESGOTARÁ TODOS OS INGRESSOS DIPONIBILIZADOS EM 1 MÊS 

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1 minuto atrás, InTheDomination disse:

Aí a fada inicia a Dominação com um shade à sua ex equipe fracassada: "i don't need permission, make my own decisions!" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

AAAAAAAAA e o segundo single do B10 sera cheios de shade para o corno (que ela carregou a carreira dele nas costas) e para a falsiane da doceira

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sashas, leiam isso que postaram no BH, medo de vir alguma bomba nos proximos dias

 All of it is very strange. A little timeline to take (the strange at least) things in order.

-Remember how Lou Taylor was glued on Britneys leg on her european tour? Lou was never before around Britney. She is the mastermind of the Cship, and suddenly she was following Britney in every country she performed in her last tour.
-Andrew Wallet asked a raise just back in October and he mentioned how profitable the cship is. How come and he suddenly retires just few months later while he asked a raise months prior?
-The cancellation of the residency. Strange timing with all the above. Which would make sense also as a connection to Wallet because hes well... the lawyer for years now who is needed in order to arrange contracts/gigs for tours/residencies etc. So...
-Now suddenly we see Wallet requesting to quit from co-conservator IMMEDIATELY with no delay. And he even added a little subtle "threat"-like msg in his statement, he said that if his request won't get approved, it will put in great danger the conservatee (Spears). Now this doesn't mean a direct threat to Spears physically obviously, but more of a business aspect/threat to her business/fortune etc.

Since he mentioned that the cship has been highly profitable, with many business activities. WHY he as the lawyer of Spears is requesting NOW to quit? He also said that "there is many business activities that require immediately attention" then why he doesn't give that attention to those? He is the co-conservator and lawyer for like 10 years now.
What I feel it happened is: There have been ongoing business activities that are of illegal nature, and now wallet is running for the hills. It would explain why he suddenly chickens out from being co-conservator eventho just few months back he requested a raise.
It would explain why he added the subtle threat in his statement too. "Approve thissss or the conservatee will be in great dangerrr".
It would explain also why hes tossing the ball to Jamie as conservator. Because he said "welll all these businesses have been handled mostly by jamie anywaysss" . What is this lie right here lmao? Jamie who has had numerous FAILED businesses over the years? He would never be able to handle business aspects all by himself. This LIE is such bullshit. It was Wallet mainly handling all those.
I can see why wallet is fleeing now all of the sudden if there is illegal businesses that went wrong and hes running to avoid jail.

Not saying that all the above is what happened obviously, it's just a little interesting timeline of all the "weird" timed events. I wouldn't be surprised tho if in the next days or month something drops like a bomb on the news about Britneys cship being illegal and the Spears members start running left and right like headless chickens while the police/court orders/lawsuits start flocking in to bit their asses.
All that while Wallet will be somewhere in Bahamas drinking his martinis and giggling like a toothless retard for dodging jail LMAO.

Oh well... :cackling: That was interesting to think abt :cackling:

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