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Thiago Pedro

COBERTURA: "Britney: Piece of Me" (11/08/2017)

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1 minuto atrás, Thiago Pedro disse:

esperando o hinário entrar no lugar do bloco selva gTjM0aF.gif

confesso que prefiro uma banana verde do que o atual gTjM0aF.gif podem me banir


3 minutos atrás, Thiago Pedro disse:

tô lendo as críticas aos shows e a maioria dos comentários diz que gostaram, mas sempre reclamam do playback gTjM0aF.gif como é que esses lixos não leem isso e não mudam gente? gTjM0aF.gif

eu acho isso uma falta de senso bicho kkkkk gTjM0aF.gif eles tem um show maravilhoso em mãos mas não veem o MICO que é uma mulher de 36 anos dublando vocal de quando tinha 15 gTjM0aF.gif ainda por cima nem se dao o trabalho de fazer as bases que tem (ou tinha no show) parecerem reais, sem condiçoes gTjM0aF.gif quero meus vocais da oops tour de volta

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olhem essa kkkkk 

My wife wanted to see Britney while we were in Vegas, so we went. She was okay, I guess... if you are into seeing singers that DON'T sing, that is. She seemed to have enough energy and put on a good performance LESS any, and I mean ANY singing. She lip-synced the entire show, not even singing a single tune which is really a shame since she has an amazing voice. People always pick on her, saying she can't sing but she has (or had) an amazing voice, she simply chooses not to use it anymore. I would have been happy if she sat on the edge of the stage with her guitarist and sang ONE song live, perhaps 'I'm Not A Girl'. One song, am I asking for too much? I didn't think so. She has a small band playing over the prerecorded tracks to 'energize' them with live drums and guitar here and there, which was good. Her dancing was decent and she appeared to be having a good time. The video screens were very well used and a major element of the overall production, the lasers were great too. One thing you have to prepare yourself for is the first time Britney says something on the microphone... WOW! She has a high pitched voice that simply tears your head off when she shouts into the mic. You would think her audio guy would have that under control by now. 

essa tbm 

Yes, Britney lip syncs all the songs with dancing. Hard to tell, but she might possibly sing the ballads. Still, it is a high-energy show with spectacular effects and excellent dancers and the songs are very catchy.
I'm 56, and not a fan, but the woman who cuts my hair dared me to go, so I had to do it, men can't turn down a dare from a woman, it's just not done. I was surprised that a third or more of the songs I have no recollection of having ever heard the song before, but I could see and hear people around me singing along.
Over all, I had a much better time than I expended I would.
I didn't like that the audience spent most of the show standing and there was a young man with his hair standing straight up with a bunch of product in it who was getting in my way a lot.

e essa 

My dream was to see Britney live! She looked amazing, she danced like in the old days but one thing that really is bad is the lip singing. Britney is known for her music, so I wish she sang most of the songs live. Even the playback playing with her voice is very old and sounds exactly the same as her cds. I think that if she can't sing live, her team should have at least recorded a new background voice so it sounds better for the audience. It was very clear that it was playback. Anyway, over all I love her and I went twice in the same week. If you are a britney fan, don't buy a seat, just simply go to stand up area as you see her much better and super close. My first day I stood up and loved it every second. My second day I bought a seat and regreted.

ri dessa 

I took my wife to see her show who is a big Britney Spears fan and from the looks of it she had a blast and stated that it was an unforgettable experience for her. As for me, I'm not a Britney Spears fan but could appreciate the powerhouse that she is and the amount of work and time put into the lights, dancing, and stage. I would recommend even if your not a fan for the overall show she puts on. We sat in section 208, Row J. The good thing about this theatre is that there really isn't any bad seats. You could see the stage and her from any angle in the theatre. Unfortunately halfway through the show a women had threw up a few seats down from us and the smell was unbearable which tainted my experience. Workers cleaned up the mess but the smell still lingered. That's Vegas I guess.

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