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  1. Fry Day, I'm dreaming a mile a minute 'bout this Pit-bull
    and Marc Anthony collaboration, 'cause there's no way
    we're hiding away from Lou tonight, oh Lou tonight.

    I know you want me (you know I want cha)
    to buy all the stuff and merch they make you re-lease
    to profit the conservatorship, don't wo-rry
    yeah we know what we gotta buy tonight, buy tonight.

    I want you to feel so free, with Lou
    like it ain't a choice for you, like she's got a job to do
    "all is well" when you're with Lou (Mr. Worldwide)
    something sensational (sensational) ooh yeah

    So free with Lou, Lou, Lou, Lou-uuu
    So free with Lou, Lou, Lou, Lou-uuu

    1. Heitor G.

      Heitor G.

      OH LOU TONIGHT!!! Genial, pena que é mega trágico

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