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  1. Ela tá na Califórnia mesmo, no Ritz-Carlton em Rancho Mirage
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7414681/amp/Britney-Spears-sports-cut-sweater-shorts-shopping-boyfriend-Sam-Asghari-LA
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7324203/amp/Britney-Spears-indulges-Mickey-Mouse-ice-cream-Disneyland-beau-Sam-Asghari.html
  4. Mas gente, não é a primeira vez que isso acontece... Há alguns anos os meninos passam parte das férias e dos recessos escolares com o resto da família em Kentwood, Louisiana e em Destin, Flórida enquanto vemos a Britney na Califórnia. (Dessa vez estavam em Atlanta pq é onde a Jamie Lynn tá gravando a série dela)
  5. Nos stories da Jamie Lynn mostra a Lynne com a Ivey no colo dentro da piscina. E essa é a Serenity, more, casa da Lynne em Louisiana
  6. Estão no Setai em Miami (mesmo hotel que ficaram em junho ano passado)
  7. Acho que o Dimitris fez o cabelo dela hoje... O lugar que ele postou nos stories há poucas horas parece 100% com a Potrero Road em Thousand Oaks https://instagram.com/dimitrishair
  8. Britney Spears’ Mom Does Not Want to End Conservatorship, Needs Approval Because HIPAA Limited Access Britney Spears‘ mother is seeking to be allowed into her conservatorship case, but although many believe she’s there to put an end to her daughter’s team of keepers … it’s the exact opposite. Sources very close to Britney tell The Blast, Lynne Spears knows it would be “extremely dangerous” for Britney’s conservatorship to dissolve, and she understands the need to have a support structure in place for her daughter. Our sources say Lynne has not always agree with the rules put in place by Jamie, but knows boundaries are important for the “Toxic” singer, and Lynne wants to be involved in all of the decisions going forward regarding schedules and control. Another big reason for Lynne wanting access to the conservatorship is that she has never been informed of the full scope of Britney’s mental health treatment, due to HIPPA. Jamie has always had all access to Britney’s treatment, including her medications, but was barred from discussing it with anyone outside of the conservatorship case.
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