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  1. Stop the fight, this shouldn’t be like that and it doesn’t have to. No one’s acussing anybody, at least not me. The difference between the “Bring Me Home instrumental” and the “BOMT instrumentals” is that I knew that both things were fanmade. I wanted the “BOMT instrumentals” because Mike did a good job (wanted them for my personal collection) and I posted the “Bring Me Home instrumental” clarifying that the instrumental was the one used in Preslava’s song. Since people didn’t want it because it wasn’t sure that Britney used the same instrumental, I erased the whole post and put the track up on the media section as “Preslava’s Instrumental”. I didn’t want to discredit you at all, I think you’re taking it too personal. I’m NOT saying that you’re fake or that you intended to scam us, this is not the case. What I’m saying is that I don’t think this is real because of how it sounds. Maybe your source thought it was and gave it to you. if it’s real, then cool, but it’s very easy to do something like this with the filtered acapella and the official instrumental. And yes, a good filtered acapella is out there and what’s more suspicious is that the prominent sounds of the song that you can still hear in the filtereed acapella are also noticiable in your leak. Again, and for the last time, I’m not implying that your leak is fake, because I don’t know, but it does sound fanmade and even if it was, I know that your intention is not to scam anybody. That’s all.
  2. CJMCH

    [Vazou]McDonalds 2000 VHS (HD 1080P Rip)

    Youre welcome everybody, more to come!
  3. Straight from the Britney Spears & N-Sync McDonalds 2000 VHS (only Britney parts), ripped in HD 1080P. Completely UNTAGGED. Thnx @itzjakebitch for this material. McDonalds Your #1 Video Requests and More... [VHS] Size: 2.54 GB Format: MP4 HD 1080P Download
  4. I'm not judging, but I would like to check if it's real cuz it kinda sounds filtered.
  5. I'm not saying that your intention is to post a fake, don't misunderstand me. I'm just saying that this could be a fanmade done on purpose to scam traders, like the "solo version" of 911 or the "Freakshow Demo". I know it sounds different, but the acapella could be tweaked very easily to sound like that. The fact that it's a WAV makes it more suspicious. I guess I'll ask around to check it out, who knows, maybe it is real after all.
  6. Are we sure this is real? Sounds like the acapella mixed with the instrumental with a little gap + adding a few tweaks to the acapella, so it sounds "unmastered".
  7. Completely untagged (no watermarks). Click to see full pics Steven Klein 2001 Mark Seliger 2000