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  1. Britney Spears By David LaChapelle April 15, 1999 “Holy Roller religious people made such a big deal about that photo,” Spears said in 2006 of her first Rolling Stone cover, shot when she was 17 in her bedroom at home in Kentwood, Louisiana “I thought [it] was a good representation of who I really am.” Read more. OUTROS SHOOTS: Madonna By Herb Ritts RS508, September 10, 1987 This was a save. Ritts flew to Tokyo in 1987 planning to snap photos of Madonna all over town, but screaming fans mobbing the Japanese leg of the “Who’s That Girl” made that impossible. So the decision was made to simply shoot the pop star in the bed of her hotel room. Read more. *** Eminem By David LaChapelle April 29, 1999 The Slim Shady LP had just arrived, and the concept of this photo for Eminem’s first Rolling Stone cover story — shot in New York in March of 1999 — was as simple as it was provocative: “He was about to blow up,” remembered photographer LaChapelle. Read more. *** Amy Winehouse By Max Vadukul June 14, 2007 In May of 2007, Winehouse had just married Blake Fielder-Civil in Miami when Vadukal shot her there in her hotel room. “She's in her own world,” says Vadukual, “surrounded by this omnipresent light.” But the calm did not extend beyond this photo. A fidgety Winehouse bolted from a photo studio later that day after just 15 minutes of shooting for the cover. Read more. *** Lady Gaga By Terry Richardson July 8-22, 2010 Gaga and Richardson kicked an image from the “Alejandro” video up a notch in this cover shot: more gun, less clothing. Richardson, Gaga said in the forward to a photo book she and Richardson began collaborating on shortly after this shoot, inspired her “to feel it is OK to view yourself as hyper-human.” Read more. *** Adele By Theo Wenner November 19, 2015 For her third Rolling Stone cover, Wenner wanted a simple, stripped-down look – one that drew its power directly from Adele. When complimented on the results, Adele replied with a Beyoncé reference – “I woke up like this” – and let loose one of her distinctive belly laughs. Read more. *** John Lennon & Yoko Ono By Annie Leibovitz January 2, 1981 Taken hours before John Lennon was assassinated outside his New York apartment building, this image is the best-known photograph in the magazine’s history – and perhaps the most famous magazine cover ever. Leibovitz spent two afternoons photographing the couple at their home. When she showed Lennon a Polaroid of this shot, he said, “You’ve captured our relationship exactly.” Read more. *** Meryl Streep By Annie Leibovitz October 15, 1981 Streep – disenchanted with the movie business – “wanted to disappear,” remembered Leibovitz. The photographer had white grease paint on hand from a James Taylor shoot that never went through. “She was really happy with that, because she could hide herself.” Read more. *** Brad Pitt By Mark Seliger December 1, 1994 Pitt spent three days road tripping through Mexico with Seliger and then-photo editor Jodi Peckman. “He wanted it to be an event,” remembered Seliger. He didn’t want to pose shirtless, but Peckman told him a head shot would look better if his neck was bare. Pitt is holding his shirt in his right hand because he thought it was out of frame. Read more. *** Janet Jackson By Patrick Demarchelier September 16, 1993 This image was shot for the cover of Janet. (using the hands of Jackson’s then-husband, Rene Elizondo). Jackson’s label cropped the image to just her face and midsection, but Rolling Stone went for the reveal of the whole image on the cover. “Everyone read deeply into it,” Jackson said. “I just thought it was a cool shot.” Read more. *** Rihanna By Terry Richardson Febuary 14, 2013 The singer photographed in Hollywood on January 20th, 2013. “I could never tell a 10-year-old to look at me, because I know I’m not perfect. That’s not what I signed up for.” Read more. *** Miley Cyrus By Theo Wenner October 10, 2013 After this photo was shot in Santa Monica, California, on August 29th, 2013, for the magazine’s Hot Issue, Cyrus got tattoos to commemorate the occasion — ROLLING on the bottom of her right foot and $TONE on the bottom of her left. Read more. *** Justin Timberlake By Herb Ritts January 23, 2003 “Herb never purposely went into a session saying, ‘I'm going to try and make this person into a sex symbol,’” says Mark McKenna, Ritts' executive assistant, of this shoot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles for Timberlake’s first solo Rolling Stone cover. “He really thought Justin had the 'It' quality." Read more. *** Florence Welch By Nadav Kander November 24, 2011 Welch’s red ringlets inspired this shot in the style of a Renaissance painting, with the singer holding a small figurine in her hands like a religious amulet. "Where that prop came from, I don't remember,” says Kander. “I know I had it on my shelf. Afterwards, she might have taken it." Read more. *** Lana Del Rey By Theo Wenner July 31, 2014 “That was my rental car from the airport,” says Wenner. “A beige, norm-core sedan. She asked me if she could drive. And then she said, ‘I’ll pay you $200 if I can smoke in your car.’ Because there was a sticker: ‘Do not smoke. $200 penalty.’ I said, ‘If you let me take a picture, I’ll let you smoke in here.’” Read more. *** Kanye West By David LaChapelle February 9, 2006 “I can’t even get endorsements now,” West told Rolling Stone after this famous 2006 cover shot. The 13-hour marathon photo session that produced this image also included a setup of West as Muhammad Ali (recreating Ali’s 1965 triumph over Sonny Liston), and one of West on horseback with a topless Pamela Anderson. Read more. *** Taylor Swift By Theo Wenner September 25, 2014 Wenner shot on film in the soft light of sunset, on a beach in the Hamptons. “With digital, people can look at the picture immediately – it causes second-guessing,” he says. Film, though, “doesn’t break the momentum. It allows for mistakes and spontaneity. It makes the subject more free.” Read more. *** Bruno Mars By Mark Seliger November 17, 2016 The singer photographed in Los Angeles, September 25th, 2016. He wanted his third album, 24K Magic, to be a soundtrack for a movie in his head that he described this way: "We're in New York. Summer night. The baddest rooftop house party. 2:30 in the morning, the band comes out, fucking dipped in Versace. The girls are screaming. And then the flyest lead singer the world has ever seen comes on and starts singing some shit." Read more. *** Jay-Z By Albert Watson June 24, 2010 “We wanted that Mount Rushmore shot,” Watson said. “Clean, powerful, straightforward – iconographic.” Jay-Z – then president of Def Jam – showed up late to a session at Gleason’s boxing gym in Brooklyn with “10,000 things going on,” Watson said. “I told Jay, ‘I need ten minutes, give me that and we’ll get this photo.’” Read more. A LISTA COMPLETA:
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